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Stubhub Fail

Published / by john3

Judy and I have a partial season ticket plan with the NY Islanders.  The plan includes all the local rivals, and we had a pair of tickets to see the Isles play the Devils on December 28.  That wound up being a conflict as we were celebrating Christmas that day with some of the family, so I decided to try StubHub to sell my tickets.  The process of listing the tickets was seamless, they even allowed me to scan and upload the tickets as PDF files.  A few days after I listed the tickets they were sold, and the money was deposited into Paypal.  Seemed like it had all worked out well.

About 7:15pm on December 28 I received an email from StubHub telling me the venue had refused entry to the purchaser of my tickets.  They refunded the buyer and charged my credit card for the sale transaction.  When I contacted them they told me that the venue (Nassau Coliseum) doesn’t accept scanned tickets for entry to events.  Not much I can do at this point other than wonder:

1: Why does StubHub allow listing scanned tickets if venues don’t always accept them?

2: Why can’t the Coliseum accept a scanned ticket when they can tell it’s valid via the barcode?

Anyway, just a warning if you are planning to sell tickets on StubHub.  If you have actual tickets (and not the downloaded PDF tickets that Ticketmaster provides) then you need to physically ship tickets to the purchaser.